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enice is famous for its Regattas of which there are nearly 100 every year! The Regatta is a race or maritime festival which involves a lot of very expensive boats either competing against each other in a series of races or simply parading up and down Venice Lagoon as is the case with the historic Regattas. The first Regatta takes place on the 6 of January which is Venice’s first public holiday of the year (The Epiphany).

Nevertheless, despite the pomp and prestige attached to the Regattas nothing can compare to the major event of the year “Carnevale” or Venice Carnival which is held every February in anticipation of the Religious festival of Lent. A myriad of marvellous masked Venetians (tourists too) parade up and down Piazza San Marco in one of the biggest and most extravagant fancy dress parties in the world. It is the event for which Venice is famous and the high point of the Venetian cultural calendar. If you are into ostentatious fashion or if pierrots and columbines tickle your fancy then Venice during Carnival time is the place to be.

In the Spring Venice is very busy with tourists and religious or cultural festivals. In May there’s the Festa della Sensa or Feast of the Ascension which culimates with the Sposalizio del Mar Venice’s Wedding with the Sea which is a centuries old festival which has becoma a ritual in the Venetian calendar. May also signals the end of the Italian football season which should hopefully see Venezia promoted back to Serie A. The Venezia Biennale arts festival is held every second year in June (odd years only next one is 2005) Venice has its’ own botanic gardens or Giardini Pubblici which is the setting for the Biennale arts festival. In July it is very hot and to let off steam the Venetians celebrate the Festa del Redentore which surprise surprise is a another regatta but culimates with a spectacular fireworks display which if held on a clear night is unforgettable. The Venice International Film Festival, Italy’s equivalent to the Cannes film festival which is getting bigger and more prestigious every year is held annually in August or at the beginning of September. The venue is at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido and the Danieli Hotel normally organises a courtesy shuttle waterbus for those guests wishing to attend. The Regatta Storica or Historic Regatta in September is a historic gondola race along the Grand Canal that is definitely worth seeing. The year draws to a close with the November’s sombre Festa della Madonna della Salute procession crosses the Grand Canal via a bridge comprised of wooden boats…

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Above: Venice is famous for its’ Regattas of which there are almost 100 every year. The most famous and most spectacular is the Regatta Storica or Historic Regatta held every year at the beginning of September