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Danieli Hotel Venice Italy

Welcome to Danieli Hotel Venice Italy

Quality 5 Star Accommodation at the Luxury Hotel Danieli in Venice Italy

Considered by lots of people, including many official guide books, as the finest luxury hotel in Venice the Danieli has had a lot of reviews and has had literally thousands of articles written about it.

With over 6 centuries of history the Hotel Danieli has been home to many famous persons during its’ long and illustrious past. More than just a few celebrities have been guests at this famous and prestigious 5 star hotel in Venice and although too numerous to mention them all some names of note include prominent literary figures such as George Sand and Charles Dickens who both arrived in Venice with great expectations and left more than satisified by their stay in Venezia. Admittedly the lodging and services offered then, by the Royal Hotel Danieli as it was formerly called, are not quite as high as today’s but, nevertheless through a combination of ancient charm, persistence and modern day technology the Danieli in Venice is still considered an exclusive play to stay and an authentic luxury hotel in Venice.

Other intellectuals to have stayed at the Luxury Hotel Danieli include Goethe and Wagner whilst more recently last century Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned at the Hotel Danieli not once but twice! Recent celebrity guests include Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg who among other famous actors attend the Venice Film Festival every August. The Danieli to this day is still considered a “hotel for kings.” and has indeed provided pampered lodging not only kings but also princes, dukes, bishops and ambassadors. Given its status and longeivity not surpisingly there has been much written about the Hotel Danieli, snippets of which you can enjoy here underneath…. much appreciated are any press articles about the Hotel Danieli which you can send us at [email protected]

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The Cipriani is more exclusive and isolated, and the Gritti coddles its guests a bit more, but the Danieli is clearly one of the most famous palazzi hotels of Venice. Comparisons between the Danieli and the Gritti are inevitable. The Danieli broods, as the Gritti sparkles. The Danieli is more baronial, and the Gritti is more like home (that is, if your home is a palazzo). The Danieli sprawls, whereas the Gritti is intimate. The Danieli’s rates are also a good deal lower than those of either of its two rivals, making it a better value (if $350-a-night rooms can be considered a good value).
The Danieli was built as a grand showcase by Doge Dandolo in the 14th century and in 1822 was transformed into a “hotel for kings.” In a spectacular Grand Canal location, it has sheltered not only kings but also princes, cardinals, ambassadors, and such literary figures as George Sand and Charles Dickens. The atmosphere is luxurious; even the balconies opening off the main lounge are illuminated by stained-glass skylights. The guest rooms range widely in price, dimension, decor, and vistas (those opening onto the lagoon cost a lot more but are also susceptible to the noise of Riva degli Schiavoni). Alfred de Musset and Ms. Sand made love in room no. 10, the most requested accommodation. You’re housed in one of three buildings: a modern structure (least desirable), a 19th-century building, and the 14th-century Venetian-Gothic Palazzo Dandolo (most desirable). On the downside, although the palazzo rooms are the most romantic, they also are the smallest.

You’ll feel like a doge in Venice’s largest luxury hotel, a series of newer buildings set around a 15th-century palazzo built for the doge Dandolo, all with sumptuous Venetian decor. Some suites are positively palatial, but some of the less attractive rooms in the less appealing annex buildings are overpriced. The four-story-high lobby is supreme, its chic salons and bar offering relaxation and celebrity sightings. The rooftop terrace restaurant is justly famous for top-notch cuisine and its view of San Giorgio Maggiore and St. Mark’s Basin. From May through October, you can use the pools and tennis courts of the hotels Des Bains and Excelsior on the Lido. 222 rooms, 11 suites. Restaurant, bar, meeting rooms, some pets allowed.

Opened in the 14th century, the Hotel Danieli is located in an elegant Venetian palace. The completely redecorated rooms offer comfort for both tourists and business travelers. The furnishings are luxurious; some rooms are decorated in Byzantine style, and others are less opulent. The hotel is also home to La Terrazza restaurant, which offers traditional Venetian and Mediterranean cuisine. There is a private beach about 15 minutes from the hotel.

Opinion: Spectacular experience for any discerning traveller including magnificent surroundings, long history and celebrity guest list.
Location: 70 yds E of Piazza San Marco, on busy stretch of waterfront with many souvenir stalls outside; restaurants 150 yds. Water-bus opposite. Free shuttle boat in summer to beach hotel on Lido.
Exterior: Majestic 14th-century palace carefully restored and retaining original windows, pointed turrets and decorated terraces. A landmark in peach with white trim and balustraded stone balconies topped with green canopies. Wood-panelled revolving doors under impressive decorated arch. Interconnected annexes on either side: one is 19th-century cream-coloured building with ornate wrought-iron balconies; other is less appealing box-like modern building. Private landing stage. Opened as hotel 1822.
Interior: Opulent and luxurious. Impressive reception hall has atrium-style central section with original stone staircases, relief work, internal balconies and stained-glass ceiling. Lavish sumptuously furnished lounge has decorative stucco on ceiling, huge chandeliers, marble columns and large stone fireplace. Cosy bar area. Sizeable well-furnished top-floor restaurant with terrace boasting views of lagoon.

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History of Hotel Danieli

Hotel Danieli Venice Exterior
A Suite Room
A Luxury Room
View from Hotel Terrace
Meeting Facilities
Hotel Lounge and Lobby

Above: 18th century-style Venetian furnishings are commonplace throughout the Hotel rooms.